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Armorstand Generator

Armorstand Generator

A generator used to generate armorstands. Simplified version here.

Poses supplied by Chopper2112, MrKukurykpl, McTsts & more. Generator by McTsts.

Player: Enter a playername. Armor colors will be automatically generated

Tags: Comma seperate list of tags the armorstand might have. (No quotes)

Upper Layer: Check to use upper skin layer if available, else uses normal skin layer

Pose: Choose one of several pose presets

Name Color: Choose a color for armorstand name. Name is same as Player.

Bold Name/Small Armorstand/Hide Name: Check if wanted

1) Enter a player name, and choose your options

2) Click Generate 1/2

3) Click Generate 2/2

4) Copy and Paste the generated command!

Player | Tags (Optional)

Rotation (Optional)

Hand Items (Optional) Main | Offhand

Upper Layer


Pose | Name Color


Chest Color | Legs Color | Feet Color



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