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Escape: Pirate
Escape: Pirate

Map Archive: Escape - Pirate

Looking through our map archive we discovered a few unpublished Escape maps. Here's the second one of them!

Finally, it is time to have a great vacation together with your best friend, what could possibly go wrong when you have Kehaan as your pilot? Oh...

This map requires two or more players!

Play it here!


Realms!Island Invaders
Island Invaders

New Map: Island Invaders

Island Invaders, an updated & improved version of Mirage Wars, is now available!

Destroy the enemies entity & eliminate them! Can you defeat your enemies?

Play it here!


Realms!Sky Control
Sky Control

Map Update: Sky Control

We've recently updated our classic combat PvP map, Sky Control!

Try out the new arena, killstreak system, new shop items & system, many new features, and balancing updates!

In Sky Control, the goal of the map is to capture beacons, and gain points to be the first to reach the points goal. Each captured beacon gives your team one point every 10 seconds. Kill the enemy team and capture their beacons to take control of the match!

Check it out!

Play it here!


Realms!Terminal Velocity
Terminal Velocity

New Map: Terminal Velocity

Our friends Adri & Suso (who actually are also part of Vertex now) have created a very unique and fun map, which we really enjoyed!

They have given us permission to publish it here, so here it is. We really think you should check it out!

In this map you need to make it in one piece to the end of a corridor, collect the 3 keys to open the gate on your way, and do it fast. But getting past all the dangers that hide in the corridor is harder than it sounds. Can you manage to escape?

Brace yourself.

Play it here!


Realms!Colorful Rotation
Colorful Rotation

New Map: Colorful Rotation

Colorful Rotation has been released!

An updated version of the map Colorful Rotation by CommandRedstone, Xeronsis, 7x2, and Toddler.

Spin your color wheel using your hotbar number keys to match the color to the color of incoming blocks.

Play it here!


Realms!Capture Kings
Capture Kings

Updated Map: Capture Kings

Capture Kings has gotten another fun update balancing the existing features, adding new skills and more.

For a full changelog click here!

Make sure to check it out!

Play it here!


Escape: Christmas
Escape: Christmas

Map Archive: Escape - Christmas

Looking through our map archive we discovered a few unpublished Escape maps. Here's one of them!

Trapped in a Christmas-themed house, your goal is to escape. After all, Christmas is over.

This map requires exactly two players and is based on cooperation!

Play it here!


Realms!Simple Hockey
Simple Hockey

New Map: Simple Hockey

Simple Hockey has been released!

Simple Hockey is our take on ice hockey, in Minecraft!

Played with two teams. Get some friends and face off in this popular sport!

Play it here!



Realms: Windmill

Windmills is now available on Realms!

Windmill is a board game map based on a real board game.

It is played with two players, in three phases! Can you beat your friends?

Play it here!



Map Archive: Dreadnought & Lines

An old map created by Team CCR, Lines, is now available for download. In addition to that, Dreadnought is now available as well.

Make sure to check them out!

Play it here!