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Vertex Skywars

Vertex Skywars
Vertex Skywars

"Classic Skywars!"

'Vertex Skywars' is our take on the classic Skywars gamemode, made popular on many public Minecraft servers. Battle against your friends in floating islands, and be careful not to fall! Find and craft gear and the last one standing.

✧ Customization
Various game settings and options are available so that your game is different every time! Over 15 different arenas, three gamemodes, team modes, kits, and much more!

✧ Gamemodes
Play Skywars on three different gamemodes: Normal, Floor is Lava, and Lucky Blocks.

Normal - the classic Skywars experience.
Floor is Lava - normal Skywars, but with rising flames! Keep moving to the high ground so that you aren't burned.
Lucky Blocks - all gear comes from Lucky Blocks! Also, you can find special items such as Position Swappers and Bridge Eggs.

✧ Cosmetic Shop
Select various cosmetics to look extra stylish when slaying your opponents! These include particle trails, kill effects, and victory effects!


A Vertex Creations Project

Full Credit:

Map by Chopper2112, Veriti, and McTsts


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