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Escape: Mines

Escape: Mines

"What's this odd portal? Oh no..."

After getting lost in the Mines Dimension you have to get through several puzzles based on valueables! Can you do it?

✧ Several Areas
Solve puzzles in a variety of places! The mine dimension is really diverse!

✧ Unique Puzzles
In this map you need to solve a variety of clay, iron, gold, diamond and emerald based puzzles to escape.

✧ Custom Textures & Models
Like all other escape maps, the Mine Escape also heavily uses a resource pack for both custom textures and models.

✧ Diverse Areas
This escape basically features 5 different themes in one map. 1 theme for each of the valueable in this map.

This map is one of the Escape Maps!


A Mirage Maps Project 

Full Credit:

Map by McTsts & kehaan


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