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"Battleships but better!"

'Dreadnought' is a minigame map based on the real-life boardgame 'Battleship' consisting of 2 teams playing: Red and Blue. The teams take turns shooting a missile at the enemy. If a ship is hit, it's marked on the board and the enemy team can try to hit all blocks of the ship, sinking it. The team whose ship fleet is completely destroyed first loses.

✧ Ships
Your fleet consists of five types of ships; a battleship, a supply ship, a submarine, a destroyer, and an aircraft carrier. Each ship has a different number of blocks. Larger ships are harder to destroy, but easier to find, and smaller ships are easy to destroy, but hard to find.

✧ Unique Features
Dreadnought is heavily inspired from the popular Battleship boardgame, but there are some extra features. Some of these features include the ability to place ships diagonally, and more than one person can be on a team.


A Syrup Maps Project 

Full Credit:

Map by Chopper2112, PoofHesGone, waterprincess244 & Supersette


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