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Bombathon 2

Bombathon 2
Bombathon 2

"Destroy the structure!"

The goal of Bombathon is to destroy the given structure as fast as possible. Place your TNT strategically in order to maximize the obliteration.

✧ Customization
Play with the many game settings to customize your game! Includes Tools, Instant Ignite, TNT Gravity, TNT Amount, and more!

✧ Powers
New to Bombathon 2 is Powers! These are basically powerups that you select before the game, and can use once every three rounds! Use your Powers to destroy the structure even faster.

✧ Singleplayer Speedrun
Playing alone? Great! You can try out our Speedrun mode, and claim a spot on the global leaderboard. Blow up 25 hand-picked structures as fast as possible, and submit your time to the leaderboard. Join our Discord server (scroll down) to submit your time! Can you beat #1?


Map by Chopper2112, Veriti, Custek, McTsts, Greninja_San, and more


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