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Island Invaders

Updated Map: Island Invaders

Island Invaders has been updated to 1.14! We've balanced the map alot and added many new features!

For a full changelog click here!

Make sure to check it out!

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Comment     29.06.2019

Island Invaders 2.1.0 Changelog


• Updated EGUI System to 1.4.1

• Updated to 1.14.3

• Doubled spirit spawn time

• Added ChainsawNinja, Jackohhh & CarrotPlayz armorstands

• Moved Presets into a Submenu

• Added Crow Team (A: Fall Resistance, D: Fireworks)

• Added Vex Team (A: Spawns Vexes, D: Spawns Evoker)


• Added Reinforced Stone

• Made Obsidian resistant to explosions

• Added Barrels

• Added Bell

• Added Hoppers

• Added Trapdoors

• Adjusted Prices

• Added Obsidian Pickaxe

• Added Inferno Pickaxe

• Added Shulker Bullet

• Added Crossbows (4 Types)


• Added End Portal Extra Island

• Added Nether Middle Island

• Added Tropical Middle Island

• Added Tropical Extra Island

• Added Tropical Iron Generator Extra Island

• Added Anchor Extra Island

• Added Sky Main Island

• Removed Amazing Architecture Preset

• Removed Deadly Dangers Preset

• Added Tropical Treat Preset

• Added Nefarious Nether Preset


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