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✥ The Team


Vertex Creations

Vertex Creations is a professional Realms Map Making team. We have worked with several YouTubers including SSundee, MrCrainer, PopularMMOs and Logdotzip. We consist of 20+ highly skilled members that work daily on builds, functions, graphics, and much more.

Vertex Creations originates from Team CCR & Mirage Maps, which were disbanded and merged to form a new and improved team, back at the beginning of 2018.

When it comes to maps, our main focus is on Minigame, PvP, and puzzle maps, but we have also worked on other genres, such as Adventure, Parkour, Dropper & PvE.

To read more about our current members, please check out the rest of the “About us” page, and if you want to apply for Vertex Creations, you can do so by pressing the “Join us” button at the top of the screen.

✥ The Members



Chopper is a Coordinator!

"I started playing Minecraft back in November 2012. A year later I got into mapmaking, creating very primitive games by today's standard including mob arena, parkour, kitpvp and capture-the-flag type games. I have loved making maps ever since! Shortly after that, I discovered the new thing called 'Minecraft Realms.' I created a Realm in early January 2014 (almost right after they were released). Team CCR, my team, was formed sometime after then. Several years later, in the summer of 2016, I found the /r/realms map submission subreddit and got a new goal; to make games for Realms!

First I submitted a very simple mob arena with a flat arena and square lobby (ew). Surprisingly, they liked it and even though it wasn't quite the quality needed, (but they said it was close!) it encouraged me to make more maps in the future. A year and a half later, near the end of 2017, my second submission was actually accepted! Bombathon was a 5-month project and probably Team CCR's best work. Shortly after, Mirage sent us an offer asking Team CCR to merge with them! We merged with Mirage and started work on some new projects. Later CCR left Mirage again and became Vertex!"

On Vertex, I primarily manage applications, projects, the team members, and events!



Ts is a Coordinator and the Website Manager!

"I first started making maps, mostly by myself or with a couple of friends, back in 2012 with version 1.3, however I never quite managed to finish a map until I was making maps in the late 1.8 snapshots. One of those maps was «The Graveyard», and it turned out decent and was finally released in the final 1.8 release, in early 2015, my first published map! But then, a short time later, I decided to create boss fights for anyone who would request them, and I was soon overwhelmed by requests - that was the first time I was looking for other map makers to help me and thereby I also met EnderPig. After a while making bosses wasn't interesting anymore, so I decided to disband the little team I had made.

A short time later I was asked by EnderPig to help with a project he was working on: Harry Potter in Minecraft, and eventually, I join the team he had made for this map. We worked on this map for a long time, around a year and also released a ton of smaller project together at the same time (E.g. Zombie Warriors, Warthford & many more). After a long time, we eventually had to admit that this project was impossible since EnderPig took a break for a short time after this I decided to not give up on this team and to move forward with other plans - and that was quite successful. Most of the team stayed together and EnderPig eventually returned - now we were the nameless McTsts Map Making Team instead of the Harry Potter in Minecraft Team. It took us a long time, but finally, after around a year of voting we eventually found a name for our team, and so we became Mirage Maps.

EnderPig eventually left Mirage Maps and later Mirage was disbanded. Most of Mirage's member joined Vertex, so eventually I also joined."



marhjo is a Coordinator!

"Yo, I’m marhjo! I began playing Minecraft at the beginning of 2011. I migrated that account on the 6th of July 2011, and from that date I began making my own maps.

My maps mostly consisted of a couple of builds, and a story I had written on a paper beside my parent's laptop. The days were tough without command blocks and nice blocks to build with, but hope was not lost! I kept improving my skill in building with the use of Build Battle and Speed Builders on various servers. In 2013 I began making my own smaller build team with some friends. The team was nowhere near professional, and we only build together once or twice a week, but we made the best of the time we had. In 2014 the built team split up, we stopped having contact, and our friendship slowly faded away.

In the middle of 2015, I joined a dungeon map project, the owner of the team was not that nice, and I got talent scouted by another team that I began making maps with. MentalBlockGaming. In this team I began working on puzzle maps, and adventure maps. One of my most known was Rogue Quest: Chronos and the lantern of souls. When the team began going slower, and we all began work on our own projects, I chose to join a Christmas project, where I made my own minigame for it, and that’s how I got in contact with Ts. After the map was released I kept working with Mirage Maps, alas, after nearly 1.5 years later, there were some issues within Mirage and several of the leaders, like me, decided to create their own team: Vertex Creations!"



federick is a Coordinator!

"Hello, I'm federick! I'm one of the co-organizers and founders of the Vertex Creations team. I've been making maps for 2.9 years. When I help with maps I usually work on commands or on the resource pack (or both sometimes). I usually try to challenge myself on maps and do something unique. The Vertex maps I helped with are Capture Kings, Sky Control, Portals and other more maps that are coming soon™!

Hope you appreciate the little details I do very occasionally and the work we all come up with, together"



Ds is a Coordinator!

"I started creating one commands in 2015 and after some time started to make my own maps. Two years ago I was quite bored of Minecraft and got more and more into 2D motion graphics (You can check those out right here). Well, in 2018 I joined Vertex Creations and now I'm a graphic designer & command creator. Vertex has some of the nicest people I've ever met like McTsts, marhjo & Chopper2112, just to name a few and I think I'll be staying here for a long time."



Dutch is a Council member!

"Hey there, I’m DutchCommanderMC, but most people just call me Tim or Dutch. I actually haven’t been playing Minecraft for that long: When 1.11 was released, I bought Minecraft, because all my friends had it. Sadly, like one month later, they all got bored of Minecraft, while I was enjoying still enjoying it. Most of the time I used to spent on one of my friend’s server, I started to spend on just exploring all the possibilities, and experimenting how far I could go within Minecraft – usually with commands."

"Now it’s like 2 years later, and I look what I’ve been making in the past! What started with me not even knowing how /tell worked, ended up with me creating amazing maps and other stuff! But still, I think there’s a lot to learn, and a lot more things to explore. That’s why I recently joined Vertex, to seek the limits – and maybe even break them. But now, lets continue working, before Chopper fires me :D"



Adri is a Council member!

"I've been making maps since 2013 and my role in Vertex is Builder. I enjoy cvows, imitating other people’s accents and neon, but I always have the colors of Spain with me."



"Hello everyone, I'm Zpicy! When I started playing Minecraft back in 2012, I had always had sort of an addiction with downloading maps. Maps of all kinds; parkour, builds, survival maps and mini-games; Everything. Fast forward to a year or two later when I started getting involved in small creative servers such as BeastsMC. There, I met many amazing people of which I no longer have any contact to. After the server began to die out, I decided I was due for a break. I started playing a lot of parkour on a server called Jumpcraft. Here, I've met many people that I'd consider some of my best friends.

Considering that maps were something the owner of the server graciously welcomed, it prompted me to start building again. I built my first map, a pagoda, and was thrilled when it was accepted. From there, I haven't stopped. I've built 15 maps for the server.

The most recent of these maps was a Battle Bus (yes, the one from Fortnite). This gained the attention of PrestonPlayz, who then made a video on the course. From that video, I was able to come in contact with many amazing Minecraft players, all of which had built maps for Crainer, who had a similar staff to that of Preston. From there, multiple members suggested for me to apply to Vertex Creations and I did just that, and it's been a blast so far!”

Not everyone in the team is listed here. If you want a full member list, join our Discord Server!