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New Map: Overshadow

Overshadow is a fast-paced combat game with abilities and a unique movement gimmick.

Enter the shadows to maneuver through obstacles and past enemies.

There are two gamemodes available: Elimination and Hoard.

Play it here!

Comment     19.06.2020


New Map: Bitdepth

Asometric and gibbsly have made a new map, which is now available here!

In Bitdepth, you can explore an evolving and interconnected world of secrets, while completing your objective of finding the 5 colored wool blocks and bringing them back to the monument.

The map features exciting custom mobs, powerful trinkets, and unique inventory management mechanics.

If that isn't enough, you can also try to complete the map as fast as possible to get a spot on the leaderboard!

Play it here!

Comment     05.06.2020

Realms!Diamond Defender 3
Diamond Defender 3

Diamond Defender 3

Have you seen Diamond Defender 3 yet?

It's a 1.15 remake of the popular map Diamond Defender created by Xisuma and Eease, and later updated by Vilder50 and pollieboy. The objective is to protect your diamonds from the waves of creepers.

Can you protect the diamonds and beat our highscores in leaderboard mode?

Play it now! Additionally, the map is also available on Realms.

Play it here!

Comment     18.05.2020

Isolated Isle Speedrunning Basics

Isolated Isle Speedrunning Basics

Are you interested in speedrunning Isolated Isle?

If you are, you're in luck, because Smoke made a video about the basics of speedrunning the map!

If you're not familiar with Isolated Isle yet, you can check it out via the link below!

Play it here!

Watch it here!

Comment     26.04.2020

Map Breaking Issue (Resolved)
Map Breaking Issue (Resolved)

Map Breaking Issue (Resolved)

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved

Due to a change in the Minecraft Skull Format any maps made since 1.8, may now be affected by crashes during skull rendering.

This may affects some of our maps, we are currently working on identifying these. Thereby it is currently possible that some of the maps provided on this website are not functional.

We will try to fix this as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can find the bug report about this here

Comment     23.04.2020

Realms!Honey Missile Wars
Honey Missile Wars

New Map: Honey Missile Wars

Some of our members/friends have independently been working on a map on their own and gave us permission to publish it here!

It's a 1.15 remake of SethBling's and Cubehamster's popular 1.8 map, Missile Wars, and just as much fun as the original!

Launch missiles to blow up the enemies nether portal, and ride them to infiltrate their defenses. Destroy incoming missiles by any means!

Play it now, and battle your friends! Additionally, the map is also available on Realms.

Play it here!

Comment     12.04.2020

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